“DIRT” movie screening (at MORUS) – October 8

In honor of Adam Purple, who as you will know passed on recently, there will be a screening of the award winning movie “DIRT”, on October 8 at 7PM at the Museum of Reclaimed Space at 155 Avenue C. 
From the movie creators:
We are not sure how many of our old friends from the garden in the 1990s are still with you, but we would like to let you know about a special screening of the film “DIRT”, which features 6th and B heavily in the 1990s, alongside other gardens such as Green Oasis.  There are some great debates about Eddie’s tower and an amazing release of ladybugs in your garden in the film.   Those of you who have not seen the film which was shown on Channel 13 will enjoy it we hope.
We are the film-makers now scattered across different lives and different countries,
Please join us and spread the word.  Our flyer is attached.
Best wishes,
David Evans
Maria Holter
Catherine Williamson